How To Maintain Work-life Balance and Strengthen your Family Relationship

Being working mothers of the 21st century, we all face the work-life dis-balance that may lead to the lack of time for your parents, kids or friends. It is especially crucial for Egyptians who enjoy time spent in the family circle and don’t feel complete without connections. So, how to arrange your life effectively and strengthen your family bonds?


Leave the thoughts about work at work.

Separate your work life from home life. Try to finish all your tasks before going home. And being home, focus on your family members. Dine with them, have a small talk and ask your children about their day.  During the conversation don’t spin your thoughts around your work or events in the office. Even if you don’t have another option but to finish some work from home, first, give your whole attention to your family, and only then, proceed with the things you must complete.

Limit distractions.

We all wish there would be more than 24 hours in one day. Then we could always have time for the things we stuck with and for communication with the most important people that we postpone for the less hectic days that will never come. But what if there are time wasters you even don’t notice? Maybe it’d be better to postpone the scrolling of Instagram and call your parents?

Take time for yourself.

Balancing duties of an effective employee and the role of an attentive mother/wife/daughter at some point gets exhausting and unpleasant in case you ignore your time on your own. We recommend you spend your personal time actively and healthy. For example, have a solo ride bike on the seashore to clear your mind. However, if you are a homebody who just wants to enjoy reading a book and drinking tea, do it. Just find your activities based on your personality. After refreshment, you will be a happier person who can radiate the energy and warm all the surrounding people.

Nurture your relationships. 

Don’t make formal calls to your family members but experience diverse moments together.
For example, if you have several kids try to spend group activities with all children and one-on-one activity with one kid. The best activities you can tackle are sports activities. Instead of traditional engulfing of fast food, you can implement healthy and cohesive family rituals and improve your mood and health. Sometimes not all the family members can endure the same physical load. In this case, cycling is an activity for the whole family as it is suitable for all the ages, genders and shape

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