Atera – signo RTD




Profile: 32 x 22 mm
Standard profile made of zincked steel with robust plastic coating in black
Mounting: Ready to use out of the box / preassembled
Maximum load:100 kg.  Please observe the roof load of the vehicle
Fastening torque: Perfect contact pressure on the roof rails through the Atera torque wrench.
Anti-theft protection: Integrated lock
Loading width: approx. 110 to 150 cm
Clamping jaws: with rubber liners
Bearing tubes: suitable for steel cross bars 32 x 22 mm and Aero profile
Bearing tube adjusting: horizontal alignment of the cross bar increases traction
Material: Glas fiber reinforced plastic / aluminium / rubber lips
Accessories: compatible with all Atera accessories
Premium roof bars for all vehicles with roof rails with outer clamping ridge